Cold Laser Therapy in Moon Twp. at Weinstein Chiropractic Center

Cold Laser Therapy in Coraopolis PA

Cold Laser Therapy in Moon Twp., PA: This non-invasive, painless light therapy has been proven to effectively help with soft tissue and muscle pain.

Cold Laser Promotes Healing in the Body’s Muscles and Tissues

Cold laser therapy is a painless treatment that helps with pain in the muscles and tissues in the body, as well as spinal ailments.

There are many issues that cold laser therapy can help with, with some directly related to the spine and some not. Cold laser treatments are a safe and effective procedure to help give your body the ability to heal itself after multiple sessions.

Cold Laser can Help with the Following Conditions:

  • Arthritis pain
  • Back pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia pain
  • Knee pain
  • Neck pain
  • Tendonitis

Cold Laser Therapy Uses Non-Invasive, Painless Light

Cold laser therapy can help with various muscle groups, disc injuries and more. Chiropractic adjustments handles manipulation of the bones into proper alignment, cold laser is an added treatment to help keep the spinal column aligned and relaxed by focusing on the muscles and tissues surrounding it. This allows you to maximize your chiropractic adjustments. Cold laser therapy can also help with scar tissue formation, decreasing pain and lack of range of motion with regular treatment. Aside from just working around the spine, cold laser therapy can be used on extremities as well.

For someone seeking a treatment plan that involves multiple approaches, it is important to see a doctor that offers many treatment plans and is trained in supplemental chiropractic care techniques. The Weinstein Chiropractic Center will take the time to properly examine you and determine the root causes of your injury or disease. By utilizing countless techniques and experience you will be diagnosed and a treatment plan will be implemented.

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I’ve been regularly going to Weinstein Chiropractic since I was a newborn. Growing up through the program I never got as sick as the other kids in school and have never had a migraine, ever. The personal attention that the Docs there give patients and me is second to none. I don’t mean to use a cliché but they really are the best in the business. They have resources and knowledge that others could only wish to have in a practice. Today, I stop once a week and they straighten me out no matter what kind of debauchery I find myself into. My head is clear and in my line of work a clear head and not worrying about headaches or the flu is the biggest asset I could ask for. All in all, if you find yourself tired, headaches, sore joints, or anything is bothering you, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not stopping into Weinstein before going and getting prescribed some sort of pain blocker. They fix the problem not cover it temporarily!

Joey B.


I drive over an hour to get adjusted by Dr. Weinstein and it is absolutely worth it! I cannot say enough about the excellent care that all of the doctors at this practice provide. I will be a chiropractic patient for life!! Thanks Dr. Gary!

Paige K.


Weinstein Chiropractic Center has a wonderful, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, patient staff. I have just started with their practice and, being my first time to a chiropractor ever, they have put me at ease. They have a fully equipped office, there is someone to assist you with exercises as you are doing them and the Dr.s are patient as you work through your nerves of adjusting for the first time(s). I should also add that they have TERRIFIC hours for their clients who work regular business hours. I would highly recommend this professional staff to everyone.

Jessica L.


My journey to better health and wellness began this past May 2016. At that time, I had developed severe pain in my left buttocks. Although standing was painless, sitting was extremely painful. The pain became very distracting, particularly while driving. At that point I knew I had to get help. Everyone diagnosed a sciatic nerve problem and recommended seeing a chiropractor. Fortunately, one of my surgical assistants had been treated in the past by Dr. Gary Weinstein and highly recommended him.
My first visit to Weinstein Chiropractic Center was miraculous! The various state of the art diagnostic scans and x-rays were impressive. As Dr. Gary reviewed the results at my initial consult, I realized that 30 years of being an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, as well as some trips and falls along the way, had taken its toll. Standing with bad posture while performing surgery all day long resulted in significant abnormal curvatures in my spinal column with the end result culminating in severe pain in my buttocks. But there was hope, which became apparent after my first treatment session.

Although the preliminary plan was to treat my spinal column degenerative damage, treatment was also directed to my right wrist, right knee, and both feet. In particular, I have to commend Dr. Kristal for her keen diagnostic awareness of my foot problems. After my first series of adjustments, not only was my backside feeling better; my knee was feeling better; my feet were feeling fantastic; for the first time in years, I had NO pain in my right wrist!

Prior to visiting Weinstein Chiropractic Center, I felt certain that I was going to need surgery on my right wrist to be able to continue performing oral surgery. I knew relief from using Advil daily was not going to last forever. I have now gone from taking 800mg of Advil twice a day to being completely Advil free for two months! Being pain free, avoiding surgery, and being medication free for not only my wrist, but also my knee is miraculous! With the maintenance chiropractic care program I’m in now, I feel that my surgical career can continue for as long as I want to practice; I won’t be forced to retire due to debilitating degenerative conditions.

From my recent chiropractic experience, I feel everyone should at least have a consultation to learn the potential benefits of chiropractic care. At this point, I am sure that my chiropractic wellness program will keep me active and healthy. I am committed to chiropractic care for life.

Needless but important to say, every member of the Weinstein Chiropractic Center is friendly, helpful, professional, and committed to making you feel comfortable. All three doctors (Gary, Curtis, and Kristal) are excellent and provide optimal care. Rest assured, if they can’t fix your problem, they will refer you to the appropriate health care facility.

I know there are no guarantees in life; however, I would be very surprised if chiropractic care didn’t help in some fashion to better everyone’s health. Every organ, tissue, and cell in the body is supplied by or affected by nerves. If the weight of a quarter can cause a nerve in a rat to malfunction, it only stands to reason that the pressure of an abnormal curvature or dislocated spinal column on the spinal cord or nerves existing the spinal column can have many and vast negative effects on the tissues and organs they supply resulting in some sort of bad health issue. So whatever the end problem, why not try to fix it at the beginning. If the roof is collapsing, it only makes sense to check the foundation and fix it. The chiropractic team is committed to fixing the foundation before the roof collapses, and in my case raising the roof while correcting the foundation. I only regret not seeking chiropractic care before my foundation deteriorated.

Thanks Gary, Curtis, Kristal, and the entire Weinstein staff for accepting the challenge of fixing my problems. It will definitely require a team effort and lifelong commitment for better health and wellness. Thank you Kelsie for referring me!


Dr. George Visnich


My son and I absolutely love this place & everyone that works there!!! They are patient, kind, take their time with you, and they genuinely care about their patients!! We would never go anywhere else! They are the best!!!!!
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Rose J.


I’ve had chiropractic care before but these people are the best. Not only do you get manipulated but they have a physical therapy that is progressive. I feel better after my car accident. Also, these are the nicest people!
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Sheena B.


From the first day(over 10 years ago) I’ve felt at home with Dr.Gary and all the staff at the office. Thanks to the adjustments and the care I’m given I don’t have to live with the pain. They are always there when I need them.

Sky D.


Very nice and efficient people. I was able to get my husband in very quickly to get help with his issues and they jumped right at it to get sorted out. Could not have picked a better place to go.
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Ashley T.



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