3 Tips to Follow in a Fender Bender

Follow these 3 important tips if you are ever in a fender bender or a minor auto accident:

  1. The first thing is to remain in your vehicle until you find that you are in a safe position. If you have been sliding on ice or somebody slid into you, there is always a chance that another vehicle can be coming into that same pileup or accident. So first of all, make sure everything is under control and safe.
  2. When you do get out of the vehicle, be very careful. If there is any damage that has been done to the vehicle, exchange insurance information with the people involved in that fender bender.
  3. Get checked. Even if it seems there is no damage done, there is still a tremendous energy transfer when a 4,000-pound vehicle strikes another 4,000-pound vehicle, even at five miles an hour. So make sure you get to your chiropractor. Report it to the insurance company.  In the State of Pennsylvania, your rates don’t go up for Med Pay. Oftentimes, patients ask me that. They ask, “If I report it, will my rates go up?” No, they will not. Rates may rise if there is damage to the vehicle, but not if there is damage to you. So you should definitely get checked to make sure everything is okay. If everything is not okay, get it corrected. If it is okay, then you are in good shape and go on to live a happy and healthy life.

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